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valentino unlimited Outdoors Bull and Arrows Pom Pom Knit Cap

$23.00 USD

Mountains. Oceans. Wooded trails. Unspoiled land. A bull roaming the grasslands unfettered. Archery. Fishing. Gliding a canoe across crisp clear waters. The smell of fresh-cut hay. Riding a bike over a rocky V in the dirt or down a tree-lined country lane. Digging your toes in the sand. Valentino Unlimited Outdoors. Founded in Louisville, Kentucky with roots stretching back to rural upstate New York.

You may as well be cool when you're trying to stay warm with this cap, which is warm and soft, and the pom-pom gives it a playful touch. The iconic VUO Bull and Crossed Arrows is the cool part. ;-)

• 100% acrylic for warmth, comfort and breathability
• 12” in length covers most melons
• Pom-pom on top's a damn pom pom! What more do we need to say?

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