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Stylish Braided Sports Bracelet USB Charger Cable for Andriod and iOS

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The days of frustration of that moment when you can't text back, or your call drops or your music stops and you don't have a USB cable with you to get it powered back up are over! This attractive braided bracelet conceals a fast charging cable you never have to think about packing, because you love to wear it. Variants include versions for both Android and iOS.
Standard USB line, good power supply, stable signal, fast transmission speed
The core is made of high quality tin-plated oxygen-free copper conductor.
Gold-plated connectors provide excellent electrical conductivity, making high-speed data transfer fast and accurate.
Provides ultra-fast data transfer rates of up to 480Mbps.

Type:Charging Cable
Cable Length:22.5cm/8.8", 20cm/7.9" (ios), 20cm/7.9"(Andriod), 22.5cm/8.8"(Type-C)
Net Weight:  20g/ 0.7oz

1*Charging Cable

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