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One Planet, One People. Valentino UnlimitedStainless Steel Water Bottle

$24.88 USD

There is no here and there, nor is there an us and them. It’s just us and here. This planet and we the people. Don’t let those with unsavory intentions divide us for their benefit. The few in power must have a divided people to preside over or they must bend to the will of the many. Together we can make a better world for all of us. There is just one planet that we all reside on and one people who reside on it. We are quite literally all in this together.

Hydrating is essential, so why not do it in style and say something meaninful? This perfect size stainless steel water bottle has a safe closing to keep ones bag dry, while amazing quality print makes it as appealing as practical. For travels, dance classes, or on a desk next to ones laptop - an excellent choice for every occasion. 

.: Lightweight stainless steel
.: 14 oz (0.41 l)
.: Plastic screw top
.: Comes with open and close carabiner and key chain ring

Diameter, in
Height, in
Cap diameter, in
Hook length , in

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