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Professional Headshots

* Professional simple headshot rates can be customized depending on number of looks and number of individuals needing headshots at one location at the same time.*

A typical one to two look, professional headshot shoot on location is $199.99 in the greater Louisville, KY area. Additional outfit changes, the use of makeup artists and/or hair stylists, and/or additional locations are subject to additional fees. The majority of the headshot sessions are done on-location at the place of business or public venues. After the session, the photos are then reviewed by VU Photography, and all useable images are selected and processed. The initial processing includes cropping, minor light, density and color adjustments. This will generally result in a final selection of a hundred or so images. You will able to review the photos at your leisure, in either a private DropBox album, or in a consultation with Tim at no additional cost. These images will be available for review, usually within five to ten business days from the day of the shoot. You get to keep all of those photos, and you will be able to select up to six images that will be fully retouched to your specifications, including but not limited to blemish removal, skin softening, teeth and eye whitening, background enhancements, black and white conversion, etc.

Session Rate is $199.99

The complete portrait session package is $199.99. Scheduling a photo session requires a $100 booking fee in order to confirm your shoot. The final $99.99 will be due upon delivery of the finished product. This rate includes a private DropBox Gallery or a USB Flash Drive with all of the usable photos from the session along with the six that had been selected for full editing in large, high-resolution format with an unlimited usage license. 

All basic general editing in the initial image selection process is included in standard rate. Any image manipulation requested above and beyond that starts accruing editing fees.

Additional Editing - $38 per hour

Over the years we’ve done headshots for the Red Cross, several Merrill Lynch Groups, Northwestern Mutual, Cycle Bar, Club Pilates, GLOW, individual Personal and Life Coaches, Entertainers, Real Estate agents and so on. We have recently adjusted the calculation of rates for multiple needs.
If there are multiple individuals in the same location at the same time, then the higher the number, the lower the price per individual.  Essentially, $199.99 for the first one, $99.99 for the second one, and $49.99 for the third one. So, a total of $349.97 for all three. Divided evenly, it comes to $116.65 per person. A fourth person would be $24.99 which added to the other three comes to $374.96 for a rate of $93.74 each. Any additional people would also be $24.99 added to that total and then divided by the total number of individuals. 
Any group shots including any combination of the individuals in the headshots are included in that pricing. Detailed editing of up to four headshots per individual is also included in those rates. Any editing in addition to that is $38 per hour, broken down by the half hour. That’s typically not necessary, though.