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Event coverage includes as varied a record of subject matter associated with the event as possible given the size of the event and the time hired for. After the event, the photos are then reviewed by VU Photography, and all usable images are selected and processed. Initial processing includes cropping and minor light, density and color adjustments. The number of images delivered can vary greatly, depending upon the size of the event and time hired for. Event coverage rates are $215 per hour with a 2-hour minimum within the greater Louisville, KY area. Scheduling event coverage requires a $215 booking fee in order to confirm your place in VU Photography's schedule.

This rate includes a private DropBox Gallery or a USB Flash Drive with all of the usable photos from the event and their initial editing in large, high-resolution format with an unlimited usage license. Final image delivery is typically 5 to 10 business days from the event coverage, depending on the number of images captured and VU Photography’s schedule. No Prints are included in this package. Expedited delivery rates can be negotiated.

$215 per hour, 2-hour minimum