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Yoga Leggings

These are the higher waisted, full length style leggings.

Here are a couple of recent reviews posted on the manufacturer's site:

By Melinda Anter  . 8 days ago
I love these leggings! The print turned out great and I love how they fit. I didn't mind the back pocket either. I prefer this style over the regular leggings because you don't have to worry about it being too low when you are working out. It stays up nicely and keeps the tummy covered. I ordered an XL because I read reviews that said they ran small, I did not find that to be the case. I will get a Large next time, and may try a medium since they are so stretchy. But the XL still fit great, because the material is amazing and stretchy. Great product!
By Irina Ilina .  14 days ago
Amazing Leggings! Great print work, high quality product! The back pocket everybody talks about here doesn't bother me:) Love them.